Congratulations on the purchase of your new Murchison River Swag!

We know you’re going to absolutely love your swag and it’s going to see you through for many years (and decades) to come. To maximise the lifetime and preserve the quality of your swag, please follow the care instructions below.

  • Please follow the instructions on your care label regarding soaking the canvas to ensure the thread swells and fills the holes thus making sure the seams are fully waterproofed.

  • When rolling your swag, concertina the zip side borders inwards. This ensures the storm flap remains flat over the zip.

  • If not needed, your hood can be folded back and mattress flipped out on top.

  • You may notice a glue smell if you have chosen the Ultra Deluxe Mattress, just air your mattress out for a couple of days.

  • When rolling your swag, starting at the head end, try and roll as tightly as possible (it’s easier without the pillow). Over time, the swag will take shape and be easier to roll.

  • When fully enclosed in your swag, you may experience some condensation (depending on your body heat and type of bedding). Simply undo the foot-end zip sliders slightly and this will allow for some air transfer.

  • Bedding is a personal choice. We recommend bedding made from natural fibres like wool, feather or down. A fitted sheet over the mattress makes for easy cleaning.

Happy camping, and we hope you get years of enjoyment from your Murchison River Swag!

Thank you for supporting our small family business, where everything is handmade from scratch using the best quality materials, right here in our workshop in Western Australia.

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