Uncover Answers to Your Queries: FAQs on our Quality Canvas Swags and Bags. Learn expert tips on caring for your gear, discover the origin of our canvas, and explore warranty details. Get insights into maintaining the longevity of your outdoor essentials and find information to enhance your satisfaction with your Murchison River Swags products.

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Where is your canvas made?

Formaldehyde is a rot proofing chemical which is banned in Australian manufacturing, is often used in imported canvas from India or Pakistan, where most canvases are made. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, (i.e. cancer causing chemical) and banned in Australian manufacturing. This is why we use only Australian-made canvas in our swags and bags.

Do your swags have mosquito nets?

Over the years people have asked why we don’t sew mozzie nets into our swags. We have based our design on the traditional swag which was more or less a canvas tarp with bedding rolled up inside and held together with a belt or stirrup leather. Well, ours are an updated version of course, and we use webbing straps with marine grade ‘D’ rings, to hold them together. Our swags are made tough to last a lifetime from the best quality materials available so if we then sew a finer insect mesh, using a finer zip there is just more to go wrong. We have seen lots of swags come in for repairs with broken zips and holes in the mesh. For this reason we prefer to recommend a separate ‘bell’ type net or the pop up mozzie tents. Great for keeping out the crawly things as well as they have a sewn in floor. Our swags are built strong and made to last, that’s why we have people who were given one of our swags when they were kids, now coming in to buy one for their own children.

Do you make swags for kids?

Well we do make swags that are suitable for kids in the fact that they roll up quite small, but open up quite big and roomy and are a bit easier for the kids to lug around on school camps and trips etc. But the thing is our swags are made so tough and last so long that it’s no point giving a 5-year-old a swag that won’t be big enough for them when they are 25 and 6ft tall and weigh 80kg. And so the most suitable swag for any kid is our STOCKMANS SWAG…. it’s a beauty…and made like all our swags with Australian-made waterproof and mildew-proof canvas and YKK zips, rot proof thread and a very comfortable high-density mattress which comes with a zip off cotton cover which you can wash. How good is that?

Can you post swags?

We certainly do! We can post most of our products Australia-wide through Australia Post for a nominal fee. We have even been known to post them overseas as well. Please contact us with the address and postcode and we will get back to you with a quote. For overseas orders, we can remove the mattress and thus save on cost if required.

Do you offer warranty?

In the past when customers have bought our swags and inquired if we offer a warranty, we have said that if anything ever goes wrong, just bring it back and we will fix it at no charge. We have so much confidence in the quality of the materials we use, and our workmanship, that we know from experience that in all that time, we have only ever had a handful of snapped buckles and a couple of damaged zips (from wearing on a jerry can in the back of a ute!). Even though we do source the best available products, things will eventually wear out, foam mattresses etc. will not last a lifetime.

So, now with the age of the internet, the word is out about our swags and bags and we are now sending our goods all over Australia, We offer a 10-year warranty.

We will correct any defect in our product resulting from faulty materials or workmanship either by repairing or replacing the product unless damage is caused by treatment or usage not considered normal wear and tear, excluding freight.

Now hear this, Joel (from our yarns and reviews page) using your 15-year-old swag under your tyres to get yourself out of a bog, is not normal wear and tear. Luckily no damage was done to your swag. How tough is that? Read below how you should look after your canvas.

How do I care for my swag?

IYour new swag should provide you with a lifetime of enjoyable use, and maybe even pass it on to the next generation!

Just follow these few simple instructions:

  • Wet your new canvas 2 or 3 times thoroughly before use and allow it to dry. This is to ensure the seams are sealed.
  • DON’T USE SOAP or DETERGENT on your canvas!
  • Clean only with cold water and brush.
  • Make sure your swag is completely dry prior to storage.
  • Do not expose to petrol, oil or solvents.
  • Well-worn products can be restored with Dynaproof.

Do you offer custom branding for bulk/corporate orders?

Yes, we do! We offer custom branding/logos/embroidery for bulk/corporate orders. Simply reach out to us with your request, and we'll be happy to provide you with a customized quote. Message us today to get started!

Dispatch & Delivery

We aim to dispatch your order within 2-4 working days from date of purchase, provided the item is in stock and does not need to be made to order. 

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information.

*Please note that most of our products are made to order. Due to the high demand, these orders can take up to 7 working days to be completed. 

If you require custom stenciling on your purchase this can take an additional 2 working days to be completed, if you need an order urgently please email us and we will do our best. 

Most orders are posted in Australia Post Express Satchels - with the exception of our swags.

Shipping costs are calculated using the weight and dimensions of your order, and your shipping destination and preferences.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0427 702 606 or email info@murchisonriverswags.com.au if your order is urgent and need it by a certain date as we will endeavour to meet your request. 

What our Happy Campers have to say!

  • “Hi Gabrielle, my swag arrived today. I can’t believe how good the quality of your swags are. I thought it was going to be good, but not this good. They really are the best swag I’ve put my hands on. Couldn’t be happier with your customer service and product. I will definitely be recommending your product to others. I can’t wait to get a bag to match my swag”

    — Ben Knoblanch

  • "Hi Gabrielle and John. Just read the story of the King Brown, loved it. To everyone out there who’s looking for a new swag just call these guys, you won’t be disappointed. Great designs, massive room to move, comfy mattress. You won’t find a better swag going round. Gabrielle and John were so willing to help me they will help you out also. Can’t recommend them enough. Thanks again to both of you."

    — Aaron Wilson

  • "(Swag) Arrived today. So impressed with the quality and workmanship that’s gone into this and even contemplating starting a row with the missus so i have an excuse to give it a test run tonight!"

    — Stuart Lake

  • "Swag quality is unbelievable thanks for the help and Gabrielle is an asset to the business. Wilson my golden retriever loves it too! Quality is second to none and the money is worth the quality ten fold! Keep up the good work!”

    — Brenton Pavey

  • “It’s a big, thick, salubrious swag made of the best canvas around .... very comfortable traditional swags with very high quality throughout”

    — Pat Callinans 4x4 Magazine

  • "Thanks to Murchison River Swags & Bags for the great burgundy king brown swag. Made up and all rolled up properly for the first time. In just over a week it will get its first camp use. LOVE IT and would recommend it to anyone."

    — Lee-Anne Bright

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did on the travel bag I bought for my husband Dwayne as a Christmas present. You gave great advice on what size would be best and the quality is awesome. We love the extra pockets plus we can see it will last with all the toing and froing of Fly in/Fly Out"

    — Gemma & Dwayne Moore

  • "Hi Gabrielle. Just wanted to touch base and say how wonderful it is that you stencil names and phone numbers on swag. My daughter’s swag came off the ute, someone saw it in the middle of the road, picked it up called and it’s been returned. And to prove the toughness it came off at 100km/h and there isn’t a scratch on it. Keep up the great work."

    — Justin, Darwin NT

  • “It’s all in the detail! Where to even start with the most incredible workmanship and quality. I waited a year and it was worth the wait. Gabrielle and John are so passionate about their products and the King Brown swag is in a league of its own. With literally hundreds of brands on the market, there is only one on the globe that stands head and shoulders above all else and the Murchison River brand is now an iconic Aussie brand for good reason. I love everything about my swag from the custom stencilling, gorgeous stitching, and the design including a mega sturdy rain hood and roomy box design. The deluxe mattress is an absolute must have and you will certainly find a magnificent nights sleep in any of the swags. They’re just beautiful, handmade with love. Thank you so much and it goes with saying this is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

    — Peter Hooymans

  • "My new Murchison River King Brown swag arrived this week, so I had to take it camping immediately this weekend. I have to say there was a lot of good reviews about these swags and they are all 100% true. The care and attention to detail is amazing. The material is top-notch and the mattress would have to be the best I’ve ever slept on while camping (I’ve had lots over the decades). A huge thanks to Gabrielle and John for making such a brilliant product in Australia and for delivering it in plenty of time for my birthday. "

    — Zhivan Wasinski

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did on the travel bag I bought for my husband Dwayne as a Christmas present. You gave great advice on what size would be best and the quality is awesome. We love the extra pockets plus we can see it will last with all the toing and froing of Fly in/Fly Out"

    — Gemma & Dwayne Moore

  • "Awesome bags I work FIFO and use this (Murchison River Travel Bag) for my commute bag all the time."

    — Braiden Purdy