We're so excited to be able to bring you our beautifully handcrafted canvas bags incorporating Jimmy Pike’s fabric and will release limited numbers of colours and patterns.

This particular design is called 'Japingka Dirt Path' and is a waterproof fabric just like our Aussie made Australian military grade canvas. 

About the Artist

Jimmy Pike was born in 1930, a West Australian Walmajarri Aboriginal artist who loved to draw and paint his stories and observations. He was born east of Japingka an important jila or permanent waterhole in the great Sandy desert. He grew up as a hunter gatherer, and eventually joined his relatives at the Station camp, working as a stockman. 

It was there that a cattle station manager named him Jimmy Pike after Phar Lap's jockey. Jimmy learned to use western art materials while in Fremantle prison, and had work exhibited in major Australian galleries, even before his release. 

Jimmy's ability to communicate as an artist leaves a legacy that will provide a touchstone through future generations. This particular fabric is from the Desert in Colour collection, which looks at the landscape and the home of Jimmy. From falling stars and wildflowers in the bush to meandering patterns on the sand hills. 

Available in black and brown Overnight Bags and Travel Bags, with new colours and styles coming soon!

Please note: there may be a 2-week wait time for manufacture as this is a custom print.

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