By now you probably realize that Murchison River Swags don’t do anything by halves, and every single component that goes into the making of our hand-made swags is as important as the Australian-made canvas we use.

Lately, we have been thinking about the comfort factor of our mattresses and so for those of you who are looking for that little bit extra comfort when camping, we are now offering the choice of our new ‘ULTRA DELUXE MATTRESS’ in all our Murchison River Swags.

Consisting of our original and very comfortable 50mm high-density foam, but also includes a 35mm convoluted (eggshell) foam overlay made from superior-grade foam which is vastly different in quality and longevity than what is available from chain stores. This convoluted foam is extremely durable foam with the ability to keep bouncing back into shape.

The convoluted foam fingers assist in increasing air circulation massage and help distribute body weight evenly for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

This mattress is nearly 90mm of sleeping luxury in a removable cotton mattress cover which you can easily zip off and wash (cold water only). As an added bonus, all our foam is Australian-made and ‘ULTRA FRESH’ treated which means it has antimicrobial protection – resistant to mildew, bacteria, odours and dust mites which can trigger allergies and asthma.

So, for anyone who may be suffering from back or hip problems, a little bit long in the tooth or carrying a few too many kilos, now is the time to upgrade to a little bit extra luxury in your mattress and make that camping trip even more enjoyable!

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