Collection: Bags

Handmade with love.

Everything that goes into the making of Murchison River Swags products is the best quality available, including the use of Australian-made, military-grade heavy-duty canvas, which is waterproof, rot and mildew resistant. They use a cotton polyester blend of canvas, which is breathable yet very durable. And now, with the brand new ‘ultra deluxe mattress’, it’s more comfortable than ever!

One of the reasons they refuse to use imported canvas is because of the use of formaldehyde which is used in the rot-proofing process. This dangerous chemical is banned in Australian manufacturing, and with dubious quality control in overseas factories, it is best not to be sleeping in it!

All Murchison River Swags products are fully guaranteed with a 10-year warranty, and you can even personalise your swag or bag by having your name and phone number stencilled on, free of charge.

When you buy from Murchison River Swags, you’re supporting a truly Australian, family-run small business and keeping manufacturing local—which is more important now than ever.